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Compensation Plan


As if finding the ultimate nutrition program for you and your family wasn't exciting enough, Vemma™ is also an incredible opportunity for you to find financial independence with our revolutionary Dual Line Compensation Plan!

The Dual Line Compensation Plan is based on the simple two SuccessLine™ building concept - a SuccessLine™ #1 and a SuccessLine™ #2. Since there are just two SuccessLines™ to build, this creates excitement as new Members join one after the other down your two SuccessLines™, helping more people benefit from the volume, and creating greater leverage within the plan.

This allows you to earn commissions not only on your personal sales, but also on the sales made by other people that fall under you in your SuccessLines™ -- no matter who makes the sale. This is true even if they're placed under you by your Enroller or Upline Enrollers! The Vemma™ Dual Line Opportunity is designed to help more people get introduced to the Vemma™ Nutrition Program, and to help our Members' businesses become profitable... faster!

When you make your first Vemma™ Nutrition Program purchase as a Member you will automatically lock in a position in one of your Enroller's two SuccessLines™. Then, you can concentrate on building one or both of your own SuccessLines™ and enjoy the spillover of new members and customers enrolled by people above you!

3 Ways to Earn!
The unique Dual Line Compensation Plan features:
Retail Income

Retail Income is earned through the Customer Bonus. Customers pay the same great price of $60 for the Vemma™ Nutrition Program, $120 for the two Pack or $215 on the Family Pack plus they get FREE SHIPPING!

The enroller of each customer would receive a Customer Bonus of $16 for the first order and $8 for every additional order shipment when one Vemma™ Nutrition Program is purchased, $32 for the first order and $16 for every additional order when the two pack is purchased, or $50 for the first order and $30 for each additional shipment when the Family Pack is purchased. Neither activation nor qualification is required for this bonus. A customer cannot upgrade to member status until three months from the first order.

These customers are placed in the Dual Line Tree. For every two sales, a single Cycle Bonus sale is registered. A two pack or a Family Pack will count as one Cycle Bonus sale.

While we encourage customers to take advantage of our convenient Autoship program, it is not required that customers be on Autoship. Members are required to have a current Autoship order.
Team Building Income

Team Building Income is developed by promoting the Vemma™ opportunity. To qualify your membership for this form of income, you simply join our Autoship program for one Vemma™ Nutrition Program ($60.00) and have qualified your membership by having one active member in your SuccessLine™ #1 and one in your SuccessLine™ #2 who you personally enrolled within the past 52 weeks.

Consistency Bonus: On every order of your personally enrolled member's Autoship orders, you, as the enroller, will be eligible to receive a $5 Consistency Bonus on orders of one Vemma™ Nutrition Program, a $10.00 Consistency Bonus on orders of two Vemma™ Nutrition Programs, or a $50 Consistency Bonus on orders of the Family Pack if you are active and have qualified your membership.

Cycle Bonus: At the end of each 7-day volume period (Friday through Thursday), the Vemma™ computer searches down both of your SuccessLines™, and whenever three sales in one SuccessLine™ and six sales in the opposite SuccessLine™ occur (sides can switch back and forth), you are eligible to earn a Cycle Bonus of approximately $20. You can cycle as many times a pay period as you earn! You must have an active membership, and have qualified your membership to earn this bonus.

Each membership's Cycle Bonus is not capped, and non-paid volume for active memberships is not flushed. The two Pack and Family Pack will count as two Cycle bonus sales when purchased by members.

Enroller Matching Bonus: This unique feature of our pay plan allows you to be eligible for a 10% matching bonus on all of your personally enrolled members' Cycle Bonuses! To qualify for the Enroller Matching Bonus you simply increase your personal Autoship order to two Vemma™ Nutrition Programs ($120.00) and have four active members ($60) who you personally enrolled within the past 52 weeks.

The two members used for qualification will count toward this bonus. Also, the two additional members can be ANYWHERE within either of your two SuccessLines™.

Second Tier Matching Bonus: Not only can you earn on the people that you personally enrolled, but you are eligible to earn a 10% matching bonus on all of your personal enrollees' personally enrolled members' Cycle Bonuses! You qualify when your personal Autoship order is two Vemma™ Nutrition Programs and you have six active members ($60) who you personally enrolled within the past 52 weeks. The two members used for qualification and the two members used to qualify for the Enroller Matching Bonus will count toward this bonus. Also, the two additional members can be ANYWHERE within either of your two SuccessLines™.

Dynamic Compression: If the immediate upline enroller is not qualified to earn either the Matching Bonus or the Second Tier Matching Bonus, the bonuses will 'compress' up and be paid to the first qualified upline enroller... earning that enroller multiple Matching Bonuses!

Instant Sponsor Bonus: For the first sale only, the immediate upline sponsor will receive a $5.00 Instant Sponsor Bonus on their frontline new member's purchases, including purchases of the Family Pack. Subsequent orders will be paid out in the existing Cycle Bonus. Neither activation nor qualification is required for this bonus. This bonus will pay out only once in the lifetime of each member.

Top Producer's Bonus Pool: Each member who enrolls a minimum of 400 QV in new sales in a volume week will qualify for a pro-rated share of a Bonus Pool made up of a percentage of total Vemma™ sales volume in that period.
Global Bonus Pools

Global Bonus Pools: Earn even more with these 12 week bonus pools that set aside 2% of overall Vemma™ sales to encourage team cooperation! To qualify for a share of each bonus pool, your paid rank must meet or exceed the ranks noted here for all twelve weeks. If your paid rank reaches or exceeds these levels eight out of the twelve weeks, you would qualify for 1/2 share of the bonus. Each level of this bonus you qualify for also entitles you to a share of the previous bonus pool, with the possibility of earning a part of all four pools!

Free Website!
Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." -- Yoda ("The Empire Strikes Back")
Here's what you get:
Did you know that when you join Vemma you get a free website. When you do, VemmaBuilder™ will start selling for you. Using a series of tested, professionally written emails, you will be instantly marketing online.

Your personal marketing website will:

That's not all!

When you JOIN, you RECEIVE:

Automated Back Office

Easily manage all of your automated marketing activities. Our mighty patent-pending System, the one that powered Imagine2020™ to legendary online success is simple enough for anyone with little or no computer experience.

YOUR Back Office gives you:

Prospecting Autoresponder

It can take up to seven contacts before a prospect decides to buy or join. VemmaBuilder™ makes follow-up effortless. The System sends out a steady stream of professionally-written emails to your website visitors. These emails have proven their sales ability in extensive testing. Some business owners pay thousands of dollars to ad and promotional copywriters. You enjoy the benefits of our in-house professionals for free.

Training Autoresponder

We will send you a complete series of emails to train you and your new Members. Get priceless advice from the marketing pros in the comfort of your own home.

Real-Time Email Alerts

Receive notices instantly when one of your prospects upgrades to Member. This feature builds excitement and encourages teamwork as your entire organization cheers the news of a new Member.

High-Touch Contact Manager

Your Contact Manager contains detailed business and personal information about your prospects and sends you email reminders on the dates you want to follow-up!
Genealogy Tracking.

Watch your SuccessLine™s and sales volume grow as it happens. With this feature, you always know which of your two SuccessLine™s needs extra effort!


Live Conference Calls

You can listen to almost daily live recruiting and training calls. Our calls will teach and inspire you and your new Members to business success.

Customer Support

Friendly and helpful experts are just an email away. All of your questions and suggestions are welcome. We are dedicated to helping you achieve success.


Get In On the Ground Floor

Get In On the Ground Floor -- GOING UP!

Catch the Big Next Wave!

VemmaBuilder™ helps you profit from the 3 HUGE coming trends of the 21st Century! All of them have the potential for Explosive Growth and Trillion Dollar Markets! Between VEMMA™ and VemmaBuilder™, we have all 3 gigantic trends covered. Become a Member and you won't miss out on the profits of tomorrow.

1) The Internet Revolution

"It [the internet] is like the flu - it just spreads like crazy." -- Jack Welch

The number of Internet users is predicted to skyrocket from less than 500 million to over 1.5 billion people. Millions of online users are looking for an easy, affordable, and lucrative home-based Internet business that requires no special technical skills. We've got it! To be successful on the Internet you need the superior product, online marketing tools, experienced leadership, and hands-on training VemmaBuilder™ offers! Paul Zane Pilzer, noted futurist, predicts that soon, everyone will have the ability to enjoy unlimited prosperity through the magic of computer technology. Today's Internet sales of $200 billion annually are nothing compared to the fortunes waiting to be made. State-of-the-art computer technology, such as our patent-pending System, will let home-based businesses grow at unprecedented rates.

We are on the threshold of the Information Age. Old-fashioned companies and ways of earning a living are rapidly disappearing. The company of tomorrow is one computer and YOU!

2) The Home-Based Business Revolution

"We are shifting from a managerial society to an entrepreneurial society." -- John Naisbitt

With a stagnant economy, weak stock market, massive layoffs, and middle-class jobs moving offshore, the popularity of home-based businesses has soared. In fact, the number of home-based business owners is expected to grow from fewer than 40 million to more than 95 million people in the next two years! Of the top 1% of wealthy people, 3 out of every 4 made their fortunes with their own businesses.

Do you dream of enjoying the freedom and unlimited earning potential of a home-based business? Then look at these statistics:

VemmaBuilder™'s exclusive business-building System and innovative marketing concepts, combined with the revolutionary VEMMA™ Nutrition Program from New Vision®, makes it easy for anyone, regardless of age or experience, to build a profitable home-based business on a part-time or full-time basis.

3) The Wellness Industry Boom

"The idea is to die young as late as possible." -- Ashley Montagu

According to Paul Zane Pilzer, "More millionaires will be created in the Wellness industry than in real estate in the 80's or the Internet boom of the 90's." Pilzer's bestsellers, "The Next Trillion" and "The Wellness Revolution," identify an emerging "Wellness" industry that will soon occupy an additional one-seventh, or "next trillion," of our economy -- an industry in which 21st century fortunes will be created.

We can help you target the huge audience for Wellness products that feature Mangosteen, predicted to be a $1 billion seller in their own right. Our VEMMA™ Nutrition Program, containing Mangosteen, from a respected, 10-year old company, New Vision International®, is the ideal product to market at the ideal time! You probably guessed, that the market for Wellness products is mostly Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers are an economic force to reckon with. Although Baby Boomers make up only 28 percent of the American population, they represent 50 percent of the economy. And they are buying products to help them feel younger as they get older.

This trend gives you a tremendous business opportunity. The Wellness industry has soared from almost zero in 1990 to $200 billion today. Pilzer sees a $1 trillion Wellness industry by 2010. And he believes network marketing is "clearly the best vehicle" to educate people about new products, such as our own VEMMA™ Nutrition Program from New Vision International®, a company that has already produced over $1 billion in retail sales.


VemmaBuilder Marketing System


"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now." -- Napoleon Hill

Watch Your Business Explode!

The VemmaBuilder™ System is all you need to start your very own business immediately. My name is Matt Walton. I strongly urge you to join me and our dynamic team of marketing gurus, so that you can begin to earn a steady stream of income right away.

When you join VemmaBuilder™ you will take the controls of a technical marvel. VemmaBuilder™'s state-of-the-art online business building system is endorsed by top Internet marketing experts and leading, home-based business entrepreneurs the world over. The VemmaBuilder™ System is based on the same thoroughbred automated System that has made itself the premiere business-building tool on the Internet. This is a System so innovative and unique that a Patent is pending on it. Now this amazing System has been put to work for VEMMA™ and YOU.

You don't have to build a website, ship product, or set up a merchant account. You can earn even before you learn. VemmaBuilder™ is that easy. No experience is necessary. Just point and click, and let our superb, innovative, patent-pending technology do the rest!

You don't need to find a product to sell - we've made arrangements with New Vision International® to sell its fantastic VEMMA™ Nutrition Program. New Vision® is a successful 10-year old Health and Wellness company. New Vision's VEMMA™ Nutrition Program, featuring the amazing health properties of Mangosteen, is fast becoming the Holy Grail of the Health and Wellness industry.

If you have been in network marketing before you will appreciate this: No more cold calls (unless you really love them), evening and weekend meetings and presentations, and approaching total strangers. Meet the future of network marketing. Meet VemmaBuilder™!

Seen the paper lately? The economic headlines are scary. Unemployment is up. Household income is down. All over the globe, millions of people are searching for financial security, a dignified retirement, and the pleasures an enhanced part-time or full-time income can bring them. Traditional roads to wealth have collapsed. People are looking for a new way to prosper. People are looking for VemmaBuilder™.

All you have to do to make money is visit VemmaBuilder™!

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VemmaBuilder MLM

A brand new home business opportunity from New Vision. Try a free tour today!

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